In 2018 FitHive was created with passion, experience, and determination to build a solution that would change people's lives.

Fithive platform is based on a deep understanding of the challenges in the fitness industry, as it has a team composed of former gym owners, marketers, and managers who perfectly grasp the complexity of gym management. This led to the development of an all-encompassing solution where all essential tools come together in a single platform. Forget the need to deal with multiple systems and expensive CRM platforms, custom apps, websites, and overpriced agencies. The platform combines the best of all these tools into a user-friendly solution designed to boost efficiency and the growth of its user's fitness businesses.

Today, we are a beloved partner for gyms worldwide, helping them achieve their dreams and making fitness accessible and successful for everyone.

Revolutionizing gym software worldwide

Fithive´s main goal is to empower and simplify the management of fitness centers. Our aim is to liberate gyms from the complexity of managing multiple systems and processes in order to enable them to deliver an exceptional member experience and achieve sustainable growth, we are committed to offering an all-in-one platform that integrates all facets of gym management into one effective solution. We also strive to be leaders in innovation, collaboration, and transparency within the fitness industry.

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