Built by gym owners

FitHive was born out of necessity for a platform where all the information and processes required to grow and manage a studio/gym would be brought together into a seamless all in one system.

As gym owners and managers, the FitHive founders felt the pain of having so many different softwares to manage clients and all the information needed to be successful. Bringing together client management, lead intake, marketing, scheduling, website and fitness/program tracking into one system meant less time manually inputting information and worrying about people falling through the cracks.

While it is definitely possible to sign up for a bunch of different softwares and run your gym - it can become exceedingly frustrating to manage the shortcomings with systems that won't talk to each other in a tightly integrated manner. So frequently, we experienced leads falling through the cracks which meant lost opportunties to bring in new members.

Providing your members multiple logins and places to go, just to be able to manage their relationship with you, leads to lack of engagement, frustration and ultimately lost time with the worst case scenario of lost members.

With FitHive, you can manage a customer through their entire life cycle, all through one login, one system.

Bring in qualified warm leads, work to convert those leads to purchasing members, then work with your members to bring them continued results with their fitness and engage with them to keep providing the best level of service - hopefully retain that member for the long term.




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