Everything you need to run a profitable gym.

FIT HIVE is gym management technology that powers entrepreneurship. Designed for independent gym owners, FIT HIVE eliminates busywork and increases revenue.

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    Coach Academy

    Our consultants teach you and your team how to rock Fit Hive. They’ll help you set up all the time-saving automations.

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    Your Fit Hive is up and running! If you need any help, your dedicated account specialists (i.e. real people) are ready to dive in.

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Welcome to the Hive.

  • Your digital gym manager
  • Software that pays for itself
  • Meet your digital IT department
  • Live video and remote door lock (beta)
  • Your secret marketing weapon

FIT HIVE is like having an employee who does your least favorite tasks without sleep, caffeine, or complaints.

  • Automate paperwork, billing, and merchandise purchases.
  • Post workouts, email reminders, and update your blog with a click.
  • Integrate everything into one website that works on desktop and mobile.

Fit Hive Modules - What does everything do?

Start each session with a view of your business. A graph shows your revenue from memberships, class payments, and POS purchases. You can see how the numbers are trending from month to month.

Fit Hive Dashboard

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Our Story

At FIT HIVE, we’ve gathered the best minds in fitness and technology. We stand for the independent gym owners who value quality and community. We fight for the little guy in an industry where big chains with fancy spa water try to crowd out true pioneers.

Our team founded Gymbuildr, which has helped more than 700 gyms grow their membership at no cost. Through those partnerships, we learned that owners were extremely frustrated with the software they use to run their businesses. The bugs and downtime were horrendous. The customer support was nonexistent. The vendors were either one-trick ponies, or they tried to do too much and failed.

Gym software was killing entrepreneurship, and the industry deserved better. Our team created Fit Hive for the gym owner who wears too many hats and needs trustworthy software.

Do the hard work you love, and let us do the rest.

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