FitHive Feature Update - On hold report, reporting exports and more

Jun 15, 2021

 by Joe H.


On Hold Report

We have added a new report to help you see a summary of your On Hold Membership activity. To view the report from your admin dashboard go to Reports >> Membership >> On Hold (Reports on current membership hold)



After launching the report you will see a summary graphic highlighting Sum Membership Rates, Number of Memberships On Hold, and a Count By Type Graph 



The report will default to show ALL on the hold types. By clicking on the Hold Type dropdown, you can filter the report to show a summary of Failed/Missed Payment, Planned Absence/Allowed Hold or Other



You can sort the On Hold Membership List by clicking on the sort by dropdown and choosing either Oldest on hold or Next to come off hold.



If you currently aren't using the On Hold feature in your Hive and would like more info you can learn more HERE.


Membership List Export

This update adds the ability to export a membership report to a CSV file. From your admin dashboard go to Membership >> Manage Memberships >> Choose the data you're looking to export by selecting the Type, Viewing & Sort By categories >> Export 



After selecting Export you will be taken to the Export Membership List where you'll choose what to include in the export. The options to check/uncheck are listed in their respected categories: Membership Fields, User Fields, Additional User Fields, Custom User Fields. After selecting the desired fields you will click the blue Run Export button at the bottom of the page. 



After selecting Run Export, the screen will automatically refresh and bring you to the top of the page. From there you will click Download Last Export and a CSV file with all the data selected will automatically download. 



User Report Export

This update adds the ability to choose categories you'd like to export for CRM users to a CSV file. From your admin dashboard go to People (CRM) >> View Everyone >> Batch Tools >> Export



Choose between Current User Filter or All Users. Below those options, you will see the new fields where you can check/uncheck the data you're looking to collect: User Fields, Additional User Fields, Custom Fields. After desired criteria for export are selected, click Run export



After the export has finished click the Download export button. 



As always, please feel free to reach out to with any questions you may have.