Custom Build an Optimized Website with FitHive

Mar 27, 2023

 by Tina S.

You can have the coolest, most user-friendly website but unless you have successfully optimized your website, you won’t be getting the organic search it deserves – that means potential clients may not be finding you!

If you’ve heard the term “SEO” – or Search Engine Optimization but aren’t sure what exactly it is, we wanted to break down the basics. The good news is that FitHive has experts who can optimize your website for you only really have to worry yourself with the basics. 

What is SEO? SEO is the process of optimizing your gym’s website using content such as images, relevant keywords, and rich text to improve its search engine ranking with various search engines such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo. When your website achieves a high organic ranking, it will improve the quality and volume of traffic to your gym. 

Why is SEO important to my gym business? The fitness industry is a highly competitive industry. While search engines serve millions of users each day, it’s vital that potential clients in your area are able to find you – and close to or at the top of the first page!

How will SEO help my gym? The internet and social media are here to stay, and will only become more of an intricate part of our daily lives. Investing in the right SEO strategy is key to ensuring your gym reaches its full potential and ensuring your competitors don’t take over clients' market share. 

At Fithive, we can build a customized website that’s easily editable using our visual page builder. You will have the control to add new pages, publish professional-looking blog posts, and edit your current pages without the help of a web developer. 

However, if you want to make sure your website is optimized, we can ensure that your website will get the organic search that you need to reach future gym members. 

If you’re ready to book a demo to find out how FitHive can meet the needs of your gym software, book today!