Manage Your Business

Most gyms need at least five expensive pieces of software to run one darn marketing campaign. Not with Fit Hive. We have everything you need to run campaigns and turn leads into members.

Custom Built Website

We'll build you a customized website that's easily editable using our visual page builder. Add new pages, publish professional looking blog posts, and edit your current pages without the help of a web developer.

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Grow Your Gym

Top gyms fill their classes with athletes, fuel their passion, and build a close-knit tribe. Fit Hive digitizes the admin work so that you can focus on the human side of managing a community.

Sales Funnels

Set up landing pages, custom forms, booking pages, and reminders to push new leads right into your Fit Hive CRM. Or, use our pre-built sales funnels that are optimized to convert.

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Engage Your Community

Gym owners are so crazy busy that they usually don’t have time to optimize their business. Fit Hive helps you capture the time and revenue you’ve been missing.

Custom Branded App

Create a unique client experience with a customized app. Choose from a list of features that will enhance the value of your gym.

No one comes to your gym with the same body and goals. With Fit Hive, you can create goal-specific programs and sell them to members through the platform. The personalized program automatically loads into the member’s app where they can watch caching videos, track weight and reps, and monitor their progress.

Make nutrition part of your business model with Fit Hive's meal plan builder. Enter macros and dietary restrictions, then generate meal plans without doing any math. Fit Hive can auto-load the meal plan with nutritious, balanced foods from an extensive library.

Post WODs, class themes, and instructions on your website and app so that members are ready to rock. Athletes can journal their weights, reps, and times on the mobile app (i.e., no more giant lines in front of your computer). Fit Hive also tracks maxes / PRs and body measurements and can turn any metric into a leaderboard for community competitions.

Selling your products is just a few clicks away when your members log in. Promote add-ons like supplements, bodywork, and cryotherapy. Run a report on your point of sale (POS) to determine which new revenue streams perform the best.

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