12 Things You Can Do To Always Bring In New Members

Mar 11, 2020

 by Sunny S.

Here are 12 things you can do to increase your brand awareness, referrals, organic traffic, paid traffic, and ultimately always have new members coming in the door. 


  1. Facebook Reviews - Reviews not only turn "interested customers" into "buying customers" they help with your online rankings. Here's a great hack to get more 5 star reviews! 
  2. Google Reviews - Just like Facebook reviews THIS JUST HELPS. Make sure you're always getting new reviews. If someone is looking at your reviews and all of them are 3 years old you can lose credibility. Make sure you're responding to every review as well! 
  3. Yelp Reviews - Depending on what part of the country you're in this can make a big difference or not. 
  4. Website Lead Capture
  5. Sales Rep(s) - If you'd like to learn more about hiring a sales rep to help grow your business, see our blog Hiring a sales rep/lead generator
  6. Social Media Pages - Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin
  7. Evergreen Campaigns - These are social media campaigns and placed on your website to drive in new business weekly. This can be a 7-day pass, 1-day pass, etc...
  8. Member Referral Programs - Offer cash to your members who bring in referrals. Then offer a percentage off each of their memberships if the referrals sign up. This will make sure they hold each other accountable to stay on as members. The lifetime of each client will increase. 
  9. Re-engagement Campaigns - Sending text campaigns monthly to old leads to get them re-engaged back to your services. 
  10. Blog/SEO/Content - This is one of the best ways to increase your rankings on Google. Content is king, and positioning yourself as the expert in your field will give you a major advantage over your competition. Write more content and see your rankings increase over time...
  11. Facebook Group - Have two Facebook groups, the first one is a lead generator where you just add posts of value, then once they sign up add them to your "Members-only" Facebook group. Add anyone to the first group who engages in your business. Likes your page, comments on a photo, likes your ad, etc...
  12. Management System - Having a system to manage everything, communicate with your clients, lead forms, email drip campaigns, nutrition, crm, programming reports etc...