Top Content Ideas for a Success Fitness Newsletter

Apr 20, 2023

 by Sunny S.

Last week we discussed the best practices and strategies for creating a fitness newsletter that would get read and noticed by your members and leads. 

It’s true that while browsing subject lines in their emails, members are eager to open messages that they know provide relevant content and inspiration. Those committed to improving their physical health are especially likely to read messages from their local gym. 

However, once those newsletters are opened, the content inside the newsletters needs to be robust and relevant to your readers every time they receive a newsletter. Your newsletter is an opportunity to share information to help to create credibility and loyalty to your gym. 

Those out there looking for a new gym aren’t just going to invest blindly in the first gym they come across. Gym memberships are investments – which means you need to ensure them of your gym’s expertise by creating a sense of authority and credibility. 

Now that you know why having a regular fitness newsletter is a great idea for your gym, let’s talk about what you should include when creating your newsletters.

The best gym email newsletters provide relevant information supporting members on their fitness journeys. Good newsletter content helps verify their decision to continue investing in themselves by maintaining their gym memberships — and it just might drive add-on purchases such as group fitness or personal training packages. Don’t neglect this opportunity to speak directly to your members on a regular basis and improve gym member engagement and retention. 

ROI Boosting Topics to Include in Your Newsletter:

When you’re ready to get started with a fitness newsletter, it’s important to plan your content strategy so you can deliver relevant, timely information to your members and leads. 

It can be tempting to go the sales pitch route but remember: many of the people who receive this newsletter will already be paying members. They’re looking for informative and creative email content that’s relevant to them, not just another sales pitch. 

As well, the newsletter you send to leads needs to have the same relevant and informative information for them to be able to learn about your gym, build trust in you, and see you as a reliable source of valuable and accurate information. 

Ensuring each newsletter includes dedicated sections for scheduling, workout tips, community updates, and more will help keep your members engaged and your leads interested.

Class schedule. If your classes change from week to week, you have a new class starting, or if you’re trying to gain attendance in a certain class, providing a reminder of a detailed schedule will show your flexibility and will provide a reminder for members to sign up for different classes. 

If you offer online classes or live-streaming classes, a reminder about upcoming events can be featured in this section, and services as a great way to keep members well-informed and class attendance strong. 

Special events. People often choose a gym for its supportive, fitness-oriented community. Promoting special events and getting people engaged (or inviting potential members to join special events) is a great way to keep people engaged. 

In this section, you can provide the link to Facebook events or website registration forms, highlight how your gym is a close-knit community that provides value as well as fun, and provide brief recaps from recent events to show them the fun missed and benefits of becoming involved in upcoming events. Email subscribers who neglected to join the last event may be more inclined to get involved when they see the fun they missed out on.

Request feedback. Are you ready to launch a new class or service but not sure if there’s enough interest? Are you thinking of investing in a new piece of expensive equipment? Create a survey right in your newsletter to get opinions, gauge interest, and analyze feedback immediately. 

Promote new video content. This is a great spot to provide additional value to your members and potential members. Show off video guides that demonstrate proper form for specific workouts, give highlights of classes, show off transformations, or provide a video testimonial. 

Fitness & nutrition tips. Many of your members may not be investing in the personal training aspect of your gym. Allowing trainers to provide helpful suggestions, highlight an exercise, or provide some valuable nutrition information will show off your trainers and get others interested in learning more about your personal training options. If you provide a blog on your website, you can use this opportunity to include teasers or snippets to the full-length blog on your website to increase traffic to your website. 

Success stories. Nothing inspires gym members like seeing someone else’s success. Success stories provide motivation to current members when you feature familiar faces who are regularly recognized at the gym. For leads, nothing boosts confidence to join when they see the value of your membership. 

Staff profiles. Keep your fitness instructors and personal trainers in front of your readers. They work hard to help clients, so give them the recognition they deserve by featuring them in the newsletter and allowing people to get to know them. Making them more approachable can go a long way to increasing class sign-ups and growing your personal training program. 

Special offers & promotions. If you’re running a challenge, a promotion, or a membership drive coming up, use your newsletter to promote these opportunities. 

Fitness industry news. Every now and then when there’s new industry news that you think your members will find value in, use your newsletter to update them. It shows that you’re staying up-to-date in the fitness industry and will help establish credibility. 

Motivational quotes & images. Keeping things light and helping members stay motivated can simply be done with your favorite motivational quotes or imagery. Motivational quotes or even some light kind-hearted humor stays top-of-mind longer than a sales pitch and helps boost the mood. 

Constantly writing newsletter content can be overwhelming, especially when you’re trying to keep it interesting and not stale. Remember, keep your newsletters fairly short and easy to read – no one wants to read a novel and they’ll find themselves scrolling through more often than not instead of really reading the content.

Any good gym owner knows the value of outsourcing those tasks that can be done by someone else. At FitHive, we have a team of professionals who can design, write, automate, and implement those fitness newsletters for you each time. 

We can show you how we can help you streamline your tasks and boost your ROI while helping you buy back your time to do things in your wheelhouse – like training members and growing membership.