Summer Time Fun To Boost Your Gym Business

May 30, 2023

 by Sunny S.


We all know summer can be a slow time for gyms – but there are many ways to spice up summer engagement and promote your gym, add additional streams of revenue, and make sure your members are having fun!!

When deciding what events to host, look at your target audience, goals, and budget to ensure you’re putting together events that your current members will love and will be inclined to bring friends along!

Ok, before we get into it – this isn’t a single’s social for dating! It’s a chance to connect and interact with your members, and them with each other. The goal of a social is to nurture bonds, build a sense of community, and invite friends and family to grow your community. Just some ideas:

  • A special after-hours personal training session for a select group
  • Wine, charcuterie, and yoga
  • A non-alcoholic night out at perhaps a local painting, pottery, or other business
  • A healthy eating event
  • A gym BBQ or even chili cook-off

Pop-up fitness class
This is a great way to create buzz about a new class offering, or a class where you want to raise attendance. You can create a new demographic and spread awareness. Consider using a park or other public space and you can work in partnership with local businesses to make it a larger event that can help other local businesses and attract a larger crowd.

Team up at local events
Summer is a great time for large organizations to have 5k/10k walks & runs and other fundraising events. Why not get a team of your own members to come together and represent your gym by participating as a group? It is a great bonding opportunity and’ll raise brand awareness for your gym. 

Workout challenges
These are always a fun way to keep members engaged and working toward their fitness goals. Invite them to ask friends and family to join! When participants start to see results, they’ll associate those results with your gym and the possibility for leads, referrals, and loyalty is huge!

Health & fitness retreats
These retreats are a growing sector in the industry. They do require more planning and investing up front, but they can generate a steady stream of income for your gym. Yoga retreats, mindfulness breaks, and weekend getaways give your members a chance to de-stress, do something different with their fitness, connect with your gym on a personal level, and elevate the brand. You don’t even have to stay local! The world is your oyster, explore it!

Whether you’re looking to go big or just offer some fun summer activities, the possibilities are endless when planning fun summer fitness events. If you want help organizing, sending out emails, writing social media posts, and even launching paid ads, FitHive can help! 

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