Online Marketing Strategies to Boost Your Gym Growth in 2023

Dec 28, 2022

 by Sunny S.

Online marketing is something that is constantly evolving and important for every business, whether online or brick-and-mortar. If your goal in 2023 is membership growth, it’s essential to have your online fitness marketing strategies finalized as soon as possible.

Websites and social media are the top two channels used by consumers to find what they need in almost every industry. To make the most out of your online marketing strategies, you’re going to need to stay up-to-date on the evolving trends and technology used to increase organic traffic.

Studies show that, especially for fitness and health clubs, the following content types are compelling in showing consumers why your gym or club is a good fit for them: videos, blog posts, and success stories. 

As we kick off the beginning of the new year and the first quarter, where motivation is high for existing and new clients, take advantage of it!

  • Offer discounts for long-term commitments – Try offering discounts or free months for those who pay a year-long membership upfront. This will influence them to achieve their goals and keep coming back.

  • Add perks for long-term members – Committing to a full year can be overwhelming for some. Offer them tools to make the goal easier to digest and alleviate the stress. Things like a consultation with a trainer, a free menu plan, a scan, or another benefit to entice them.

  • Accountability buddy discount – People are more likely to follow through on their fitness goals when they do so with a buddy. Offering referral discounts to your loyal members can help them stick to their goals while exposing new members to your gym. Offering new members a discount when they bring a buddy is another option. All of this helps to create a positive and engaging gym culture.

Long-format video content has become a major demand from consumers. Research has shown that 85% of consumers retain more information when it was in video format. Why not use that to your advantage? 

Three great ways to implement videos for your gym:

  • Anchor Video – Creating an anchor video on your website is a great way to introduce your business to potential customers, allowing them to build confidence and trust before meeting you. This tells potential clients who you are, what you’re about, and what sets your gym apart from the competition. You can also use this on Facebook, ads, landing pages, and events that you may attend.

  • Sales Video – Creating a sales video can be the nudge that potential members may need to sign up for a membership. Focus on the amazing services and/or features your gym has, why your gym is a better choice over the competition, and you may even want to walk them on a quick tour of the facility to show off your gym. Sales videos tend to have the highest ROI out of all the videos and can be a powerful online marketing tool to implement in 2023.

  • Social proof video – People loves to see major transformations and current members sharing their story and experience. These videos offer an emotional display of what members can accomplish at your gym. These can act as sales videos as well! 

Develop a virtual fitness library. As you build your online community or Facebook group, utilize long-format videos by building a library of online classes. It’s a great way to entice new members to try new classes, show established members that you are committed to their growth, and offer knowledge and expertise on things members can do to build muscle, tone, or focus on a specific area of the body. 

Focus on the digital community. More than 50% of gym members report going regularly to build a community. When you build an online space for your members to celebrate their wins, get advice, and share information, it builds on both the online and in-person community. 

Establish online forums. This is just another tool for you to use separate from the digital community we discussed above that can be on your app or training platform. Using a Facebook Group page is a great way to encourage both your members and your staff to share goals, post achievements, and progress, ask for advice, and find inspiration. You may need to spend some time building by starting the conversation but as your member interaction grows, you can ensure that the forum is welcoming to everyone and regular posts show that you are invested in the community. \

Host a virtual event. Hosting an online seminar or even a Facebook Live is something that has been gaining traction since COVID. As a gym or fitness club, you have a lot of expertise and experience to offer your clients. Hosting a seminar or online event can be a cost-effective and simple way to generate conversation and community. Choose a topic such as nutrition, proper form, workout comparisons, or even an open space where members can ask questions.

These a just a few online marketing strategies that FitHive can help you achieve! 

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