October Feature Update (Contracts and Membership Report)

Oct 2, 2020

 by Joe H.

October Feature Update

Let's jump into the new membership contract feature that has been added and then move onto the membership nightly report. 


Membership Contracts


To get started with member contracts, from your admin dashboard go to Membership >> Manage Contracts >> Add Contract


Fill out all the contract details:

  • Name
  • Default Contract Period
  • Default Terminate (If yes, membership will terminate on the end day of the contract period. Otherwise, it will continue based on the auto-renewal settings on the membership and the current rate/membership period.)
  • Contract Content (See token references for auto fill) 



Once the contract has been created the next step is to add a contract to a membership. You can set it up as a unique contract per membership or use the same contract with multiple memberships by using the tokens. 

To do this, from your admin dashboard go to Membership >> Add/Edit Types >> Edit an existing membership or create a new one >> Select Desired Contract 



When creating a new membership you will see the option to check Apply Contract



When adding a membership to a new member you will also see a new section for the Contract



Now when a new member is assigned to a membership that includes a contract you can have them sign in person by selecting Sign Contract from the membership tab on their profile. The second option for them to sign is from their member account dashboard after logging into your gym's website. 





The member is now under contract




If there is a scenario where you'd like to cancel a membership before the contract terms, you can release the user from the contract. Check Release Contract and Submit Release Reason. 



Membership Nightly Report Automation 

This feature update has moved the nightly report to the automation list which allows you to customize and disable if preferred. From your admin dashboard go to Communicate >> Automate Emails/Texts >> Membership Report 




As we continue to roll out new updates please don't hesitate to reach out to success@myfithive.com with any questions you may have. 

-The FitHive Team