New Feature Update 8/2022

Aug 4, 2022

 by Joe H.

This support blog will highlight the existing features that have been updated as well as the new features that have been added. 

Updated Features

Soft Registration 

This update applies to all users with auto-renew memberships, including pass-based, and allows them to register for classes outside of their current billing period. Below are some scenarios we’d like to highlight. 

    • For classes with a max attendees limit, soft registrations must be canceled in order for their spot in the class to open back up for registration. 
    • Soft registrations will automatically be canceled if there are not enough remaining passes once the membership renews. 
    • If a membership has an end/terminate date users will not be able to register for classes past that date. 
    • If a membership goes on a scheduled hold its corresponding user will not be able to register for classes; the exception to this will be if the membership has a scheduled date to come off of hold as well, which will allow users to register for classes from that date. For example, if a membership is scheduled to be on hold 6/5 to 7/5, users will be able to register for classes on 7/5 and beyond.


Settings Page Redesign

We have updated the Settings section of your Hive with a grid view to make it easier to view on both desktop and mobile. 


Class Schedule

This update ensures that when you click and drag an existing class in your class schedule to a new time/date that the updated information is displayed correctly. Additionally, you can now click and drag classes between instructors through the Instructor view of the class schedule.


Class Registrant List

If the “Show who is attending” setting is enabled from your General Settings, users will now be able to view class registrants before and after they have registered for a class. Once a user has signed up for a class they can view who else is attending by clicking on the class name from the “Your upcoming classes” section in their profile, or by clicking Sign Up from your class schedule page (this will not attempt to sign them up again, it simply takes them to the details of the class). 


Follow Up Leads

We’ve added a search option when adding a user to the drip campaign from the Follow Up Leads section. 


Rollover Passes 

If enabled, this setting will allow users with pass-based memberships to roll over any unused passes to their next billing cycle. CLICK HERE to learn more. 


Google Analytics 4

To prepare for Google’s transition to Analytics 4, we have updated the connection process in your Hive. CLICK HERE to learn more. 


User Selection - Mass Email 

You can now send mass emails to custom groups of users straight from People (CRM) >> View Everyone. This gives you more flexibility to email groups that fall outside of the standard recipient options available in the Send Mass Emails section of your Hive. CLICK HERE to learn more. 


Instructor Payroll/Time Clock 

This new feature gives you the ability to create custom instructor pay scales based on hourly rates, user roles, class type, class attendance, and more. CLICK HERE to learn more. 


Expanded Pass Usage Reports  

We have added new reporting capabilities to provide you with the exact details of pass usage for users with pass-based memberships. CLICK HERE to learn more. 



As always, please feel free to reach out to with any questions you may have.