MyFitnessPal Integration With FitHive

Jun 16, 2020

 by Joe H.


MyFitnessPal Integration

This new integration allows you to set up an automation to pull your members' macros from MyFitnessPal and put them directly into FitHive. This is another value add to use alongside the macro calculator and macro-based meal plans.  Let's get into how you can enable this setting in your hive and help your members get started. 


Enable Macro Log

To enable from your admin dashboard go to Settings >> General Settings >> Scroll down to Nutrition/Meal Plan Settings >> Select Yes on Enable Macro Log


Once you have enabled your macro log you will set your Macros & Calories Threshold. This is the percentage number you will set that will flag your members when they exceed it. For example, if a goal is 100 and you set a 5% threshold they will be okay if they hit 96 or 104. 




Enable Integration


To enable from your admin dashboard go to Settings >> General Settings >> Scroll down to Nutrition/Meal Plan Settings >> Click the checkbox on Enable integeration >> Click Save




Member Setup

Once this feature is enabled from your admin account, your members can begin using it. They will have to go through a few steps to sync their MyFitnessPall account to their gym account. Currently, they will need to login to your gym's website to do this and we will eventually add this to the app for them to access.  


After signing into their account from your gym's website, they will go to Nutrition >> Macro Log >> My Fitness Pal Settings >> Click Yes under Enable food diary >> Click Check Your Settings on MFP >> Log in to MyFitnessPal (note it will take them directly to Food Diary Settings) >> Enable protein, carbs, fat and fiber for "Nutrients Tracked." >> Enter Username >> Click Save













Macro Logs 

Settings are now enabled and your member is setup so what's next? Members can log their macros in MyFitnessPal and the macro logs will be pulled into their account at midnight every night. You can access the logs from your dashboard or from the individual member profile.


From your admin dashboard go to Nutrition >> View Macro Logs 



From your admin dashboard go to People (CRM) >> View Everyone >> Select User >> Records >> Macro Log 



Members are able to do a manual entry if they missed an input in MyFitnessPal.





If you'd like to learn more about this new feature or have any additional questions, please don't hesitate to contact us at Also, don't forget about the community of experienced gym owners using FitHive in the FACEBOOK GROUP!  Join the group to receive valuable feedback on how they're utilizing these new featuresAs always, thanks for being a part of the FitHive Family!


- The FitHive Team