Maximizing Membership: 2 Outreach Tactics for Gym Owners to Reactivate Dormant Leads

Feb 7, 2024

 by Sunny S.

Most of you who have a CRM system have hundreds if not thousands of leads in your system that are just collecting dust. I’m going to go over some outreach techniques you can use to sign up 5-10 new members per month without spending any money on ads. 


Technique #1 - Mass text/email outreach 

This is usually the preferred method and typically the most successful. 


Step1: Start with segmenting at least 200 leads that you will send a mass text message to in your system. 


Step 2: Create an offer or use an existing offer. Here are a handful of offers we’ve seen work really well in the last 8 years. 

  • 6-Week Challenge (Higher ticket)
  • 28-Day Challenge (Higher ticket) 
  • 8-Week Challenge (Higher ticket)
  • Free Day Pass 
  • 10 Days for $10 
  • 7 Days for $7
  • 30 Days for $30


Step 3: Plug offer into text/email campaign 


Here’s a link to the text and email campaigns page where you can copy and paste the content into your text/email system and fill in the blanks.

Technique #2 - Individualized outreach 


This is where you will look into the profile of the individual person to find past conversations, forms they’ve filled out, or programs they’ve been part of in the past. This will refresh their memory and make the connection to the customer to then open the conversation to get them back into your facility. 

Step 1: Set a goal to reach out to a minimum of 5 former members, prospects, or new leads per day. If you don’t have enough time in your day to follow up with 5 people you need to hire a sales rep see our post on how to hire a sales rep/lead generator [

Step 2: Find some sort of connection between you and the contact. Go through their profile, check out old conversations, see if you’ve communicated with them in the past. What I’ll see a lot is a former member or lead will have filled out some sort of intake form at one point in their interaction with your business. Reference that to see if anything stands out…

  • They were looking to lose 20 lbs before their daughter's wedding
  • They wanted to get in better shape to be able to play with their grandkids
  • They had a goal of getting their first pullup 
  • They were looking to train for a marathon 
  • They were going on a vacation in the summer and wanted to lose a few pounds 


These are all things that can be a conversation starter that makes you stand out above the crowd. 


Imagine you filled out a form at our gym 6 months ago and the form asked “What is one of your fitness goals?” You responded “I’m looking to lose 20 lbs before my daughter's wedding in the fall” Then, this person never showed up for their appointment and got tucked away into your crm to collect dust. Approaching this person with something that connects you directly to that person and makes you a human will get you wayyyy more trust and no doubt more responses. 


Be intentional about your messaging…Don’t message her and say “Hey Sarah, how was your daughter's wedding” ❌that’s super cringy and borderline creepy. Saying something like “Hey Sarah, this is James with Sunshine Fitness down on Lancaster, you filled out a form on my website back in April, you mentioned you were looking to lose 20lbs before your daughter's wedding in the fall, congratulations and I hope the wedding went well for everyone! I’m reaching out because we are running a special this week only for [insert offer] and wanted to offer this to anyone who showed interest in the past before opening it up to the general public. If you’re open to giving us another shot just respond “YES” and I’ll save one of these passes for you! I’ll touch base in a few days if I don’t hear back, thank you!”


In this world of AI and automation, don’t forget to be human :)