How to Use a Prescriptive Sales Model to Sell More Services

Sep 23, 2022

 by Josh E.

The one word that all trainers and frankly most gym owners, hate is sales.

Sales is a necessary evil as a gym owner.  If you are not enrolling new members and clients each month you will have a tough time keeping your gym open very long.

There are a number of different approaches to sales, but the one we like the best, and the one we teach to many FitHive clients, is the prescriptive sales model.


What is Prescriptive Sales

Prescriptive sales is a method in which you recommend, or “prescribe”, the specific services that your prospect needs in order to accomplish their goals.

This method requires a little more time spent asking questions and gathering data, but if done correctly, it can be the most effective way to increase your front-end sales.


Most Gyms Just Sell a Program

Most gyms have 1 or 2 programs that they sell. Almost always a large group training program, like CrossFit classes or a boot camp, and personal training. Some gyms also offer nutrition coaching, massage, or other services that work well in their gym.

When meeting with a prospect, it’s easy to just sell the lowest-cost program, but if you do that you may be leaving hundreds or even thousands of dollars on the table.

With a prescriptive model, instead of just flipping through a sales binder, you will customize the recommendation to fit what they are looking to achieve, in conjunction with their lifestyle (availability and budget), and capabilities.

This is a much per personalized experience that helps the prospect to increase trust faster, and feel as though their needs matter.


The Prescriptive Sales Model in Action

Let’s assume your gym sells large group training, individual personal training, and nutrition coaching services.

After spending some time learning exactly what the prospect is looking to do, as well as identifying all the things about their lifestyle that can affect adherence, your prescription may look like this:

“Ok, Sam, based on what you told me you are looking to do, which is to lose 20 lbs by Christmas, and taking into consideration your time commitments, I am going to recommend the following services that we offer that I feel will be the best option to accomplish your goals.

“First, since you said that you have a limited time to train, I am going to recommend that we start with individual personal training 3 times per week. One-on-one training will allow you to schedule the sessions around your busy schedule, and since you will have the undivided attention of your trainer, you will get the best results.

Next, since you said that your nutrition is not so great, I am going to recommend our nutrition coaching. Nutrition coaching will help not only get you on track with eating better for your goals, but it will provide another layer of accountability.

So to review, I am recommending personal training 3 times per week and nutrition coaching. Do you agree that this program will be the best way to get to your goals?”


Use the Prescitpive Model in Your Business

Many FitHive gyms use a presentation sheet that allows them to describe their programs and services to their prospects, but the goal is always to customize the recommendations specific to the prospect.

Try our prescriptive sales model in your gym. Let us know how it goes, or if you need any help in getting a prescriptive sales system set up.