How to use a low barrier offer to generate more leads and convert them to paying members

Nov 18, 2022

 by Joe H.

A strong front-end offer is an amazing way to attract new members to join your gym. The simple goal of a front-end offer is to get a lead to make a minor commitment prior to a larger commitment. 


Why we love low-barrier offers and how to drastically improve your conversion rate. 


What is a low-barrier offer or “LBO?” 


It's a method to incentivize a customer to ‘try before they buy” at a free or discounted rate.


Free Offer - Great if you’re looking to get more leads through the door to move them through the sales cycle. The potential downside is a low conversion rate if you don’t have the proper sales process, which we’ll discuss here soon. 

  • ex. - Free Class, No Sweat Intro, Free Week


Paid Offer - Typically see a more qualified lead that is truly interested in joining but does want to try first. Demands a small financial commitment from them to get started. 

  • ex. - Paid Trial, Assessments/Tests, Discounted Monthly Rate, Discounted Class Package Rate


How to maximize conversion from your “LBO”


Act Fast

A big mistake we see is gyms waiting until the end of the initial offer to start the sales process. If you’re doing a free week trial do not wait until the week is over to sign them up. After the first class sit them down and use this proven sales process. 


Over Deliver

Provide as much value as you can in addition to a great workout. Ask them what their short-term and long-term goals are. Send them guides and nutrition plans to follow while they are sitting right next to you and they see it hit their inbox or text message thread. Spend a little bit of extra time and effort to go the extra mile and get them excited about what is to come on their fitness journey.


Law Of Reciprocity

Are familiar with the Law of Reciprocity? The Law of Reciprocity simply explained is that when someone does something for you, you feel obligated to reciprocate or do something in return for them. 


Walk over to your cooler and grab a water or drink for them. 

Ask them their t-shirt size and hand them a t-shirt.

Create a welcome box with gym swag and put their name on it.


Yes there is a small financial commitment from you and some people will not sign up but overwhelmingly you’ll have a huge ROI from the “free give.”


You’ve given them something and now it’s time for you to ask them for something.


Close The Deal

Strike while the iron is hot! Soreness from the workout hasn’t kicked in yet and endorphins are running high. You know what their goals are, you’ve gone the extra mile and over-delivered with value, and you’ve given them something for free, now suggest two membership options and ask them which one they’d prefer. Then simply ask for a card to put on file and  “voilà” you’ve closed the deal. 


Second Tier Discount [CLOSING HACK]

Use a potential discount to get them through the door. Create some urgency and let them know if they sign up for Y now they’ll also get X discount. (ex. 50% off of the first month but they have to do it now instead of after the trial)


Get comfortable with this process and have confidence. If you truly believe in the service you offer and that you can help them reach their goals, then do whatever it takes to get them started.