How To Add More Value & Increase Price With Online Coaching (Not just training) - With Bruce Pitcher

Mar 31, 2020

 by Sunny S.


Interview with Bruce Pitcher who's been an online coach for 3 years now charging an average of $300 per month per customer. 

Bruce Pitcher is a former record-breaking contestant on ABC's Extreme Weight Loss. The show allowed him to learn from the best trainers, nutritionists, and psychologists in the country. He used this knowledge to become an online coach, motivational speaker, Crossfit athlete, and founder of Champ Within, a weight-loss program designed to help people overcome hardships to live a healthy lifestyle. He's coached thousands of people in-person and online. He runs a sold-out Champ Within Epic Weekend multiple times per year where people pay $2500 to come to the weekend event with him and his team. If anyone has been around the block in the online training space it's Bruce. Give this a listen there are a few golden nuggets you can take from this. 


"We don't even do workouts with them" "We average $300 per month per client" - Bruce Pitcher 


Takeaway's from this call: 

  • Number one tip for success with online coaching is reaching out to them multiple times per week. Aka holding them accountable. Bruce uses "Voxer"
  • Super important to do weekly lessons and send accountability worksheets with them. 
  • Every person is in a minimum of a 3-month commitment 
  • Keep each coach at 50 clients each max
  • 3 Pricing tiers -
    • Highest - 1 to 1, group coaching, daily accountability, fitness programs, Facebook group, a custom nutrition plan. $300+ USD per month 
    • Middle -  Group coaching, weekly accountability, fitness programs, Facebook group $230 per month
    • Lowest - Nutrition only $166 per month (make sure you don't over give coaching here but don't under deliver) 
  • Make sure every customer is followed up with within 24 hours of contacting you. 
  • Onboarding for new clients include: (Bruce's onboarding questionnaire has over 100 questions)
    • Step 1: Send onboarding questionnaire
      • Basic info, body measurements, photos, goals (short & long term)
      • Current level of fitness and training
      • health info (surgeries, injuries, illnesses, medications)
      • Nutritional knowledge/Information (how you eat now, do you track foods, what have you tried)
      • Equipment you have access to currently 
      • Lifestyle (Describe your average day, what do your weekends look like, support systems, do you drink, smoke) 
    • Step 2: Set up initial 45min - 1 Hour video call to go over onboarding info, connect with the customer, set up a reset day, and accountability check-in schedule
    • Step 3: Invite them to their first group call with the rest of the clients, have them introduce themselves and their goals
  • The more you reach out the more they'll feel special, the longer they'll stay on as a client