Gymbuilr's Best Self Challenges is now FitHive

May 14, 2020

 by Sunny S.

A few years of running 6-week challenges for gym owners, we kept having them ask "what is the best gym management platform we should use?". After doing some research we were crazy enough to take on the challenge of building our own and in 2017 Fithive was born. FitHive is an all-in-one gym management and marketing platform designed to help gym owners consolidate to one platform for all management, and marketing. In 2019 we decided to merge Gymbuildr and FitHive into one system. Now with all the focus to make FitHive the best gym software, we can now put all our efforts into helping them grow their gym, manage their members, and retain the new athletes that come through the door. 

With FitHive being a true all-in-one system it comes with the following components:

  1. CRM
  2. Billing systems
  3. Custom Website
  4. Custom Mobile App
  5. Custom Instructor App
  6. Build Custom Programs
  7. Leader Boards
  8. Custom Nutrition
  9. Client Schedule
  10. Appointment Booking 
  11. Landing Page Builder
  12. Email & Text Drip Campaigns 
  13. Point Of Sale
  14. Mass Email & Text
  15. Two-Way Texting
  16. Payroll Tracking 
  17. Customize Automations
  18. Blogging
  19. Revenue Reports
  20. Live Zoom Integration
  21. Security API
  22. 24-7 Access Portal (Coming soon)

When we talk to gym owners we are typically able to consolidate at least 3-6 platforms they're using to run their gym into one. We see an average savings of $200-$600 per month by getting all their platforms into one. Not only are we able to save them money, we save them the time of having just one portal, and also the athlete doesn't have to have multiple apps on their phone to work with the gym.