Grow Your Membership with Lead Magnets

Feb 14, 2023

 by Tina S.

When people are looking for a gym, they’re looking for great value, an encouraging atmosphere, cleanliness, good equipment, and expertise. In fact, it often takes more than one visit to your gym before becoming a member. That’s where offering lead magnets on your website, or within ads, can help boost your exposure and give people a sampling of your expertise and build trust. 

What is a lead magnet? 

A lead magnet is any valuable content that you can offer for free, in exchange for a prospect’s contact information. This includes an eBook, PDF, or guide about anything in the health, fitness, or nutrition field.

Why is offering a lead magnet important to your gym?

Many consumers don’t buy at the first opportunity. Building a relationship of sorts is important for any potential leads, and it can be very uncomfortable to ask someone for their personal information without offering anything in return. 

A lead magnet is a great first offer to a low-commitment resource to continue and nurture the relationship with the prospect. A lead magnet offered either through your website, email, or an ad encourages prospects to give you their contact info in exchange for content that can help get them started, or inspired to start, on their health & fitness journey. 

What are the benefits of a lead magnet?

Lead magnets are used tools to create an efficient and effective inbound marketing strategy. They will help generate qualified prospects, build your database of leads, and grow your membership. By offering one or more lead magnets, you will:

Establish yourself and your gym as industry experts. By offering useful, relevant, and exciting information, your prospects will learn what sets your gym apart from your competition. Offering insightful information about workouts, recovery, and nutrition allows them to see the type of expertise they’ll get from becoming a member. 

Become a trusted source. Offering free valuable content will make it more likely for people to come back to learn more if they’ve already gotten reliable knowledge from you in the past. As well, it’ll keep you top-of-mind when they are ready to join your gym at a later date. 

Position yourself as the guide. When people are looking for gyms, they are also essentially looking for support and someone to guide them to create the best way to achieve their goals. In your lead magnet, your gym should take the position of a guide to help clients solve a specific problem. You’ll get more people to listen to you, be perceived as knowledgeable, and build trust that will encourage leads to become members.

Begin and continue a relationship. With a lead magnet, your prospects will gain information that they may not have otherwise obtained. You can find out who is interested in your gym, earn their trust, and build that relationship with them. 

Automating lead nurture emails for both those prospects that downloaded the lead magnet or not, it’ll help maintain that relationship and allow those prospects to want to become a part of your gym. An efficient funnel will increase your business's productivity and conversion rates.

Lead magnets don’t have to be difficult or offer proprietary information – but they are time-consuming to build out right with branding and the right marketing strategy. At FitHive, we offer pre-built templates for your lead magnets so you can simply brand and publish – giving you more time for nurturing leads and closing sales!

FitHive handles all the fundamentals like marketing, membership management, billing, online scheduling, website content, fitness tracking, nutrition, mobile app, and more. On top of that, FitHive offers an automated meal plan builder, world-class programming, and a smart security system that create new lines of business.

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