FitHive Feature Update - 5.20.23

May 15, 2023

 by Donny J.

This support blog will highlight the existing and new features that have been updated/launched on this round of FitHive updates. 


Zoom Virtual/Online Classes (IMPORTANT)

Zoom has deprecated its JWT app type, which is the app type used to connect Zoom to your Hive for virtual classes/appointments, and are transitioning to a server-to-server Oauth flow. All Hive owners that utilize Zoom for virtual classes must reconfigure to this new flow before then in order to avoid any disconnections of service. Please follow the updated steps in the How to Enable Zoom Virtual/Online Classes support article to set this up and reconnect to your Hive as soon as possible. 


Tag Search Action

This update allows you to execute a search for a tag by hitting the Enter/Return key from your keyboard instead of having to click on the search icon. This has been updated for all areas that allow you to add/search for tags throughout your Hive. 


Mass Email/Text Tokens

We've added 2 new tokens to Mass Email and Mass Texts, which are Organization (@@organization_name@@) and Website URL (@@site_url@@). When added to a mass email/text these tokens will auto-fill with the corresponding info once they're sent to the recipients. 


User Macro Log Pagination

This hot-fix added the ability to scroll through pages of macro logs from the user profile if applicable. Prior to this fix, users could only view the 25 most recent macro logs from their account. If you're not using macro logs with your members, but would like to learn more you can check out the How to Enable Macro Logs and How to Enable the MyFitnessPal Integration support articles. 


Open Account Registration

This new setting, if enabled, will allow users to create or activate their own profile in your Hive, which will give them the ability to sign in so they can register for classes or make POS/Addon purchases (if applicable). Please note that this will not grant them membership access, they'll only be able to navigate areas that are accessible through their online account. You can learn more about how this works, as well has to how to enable this setting HERE


Membership Self Signup - Abandoned Checkout

This new setting, if enabled, will have your Hive automatically capture contact information from users who start the membership self-signup option online, but don't complete it. These users will then be added to your People (CRM). You can learn more about this in the updated How to Add/Edit Membeship Types support article (refer to step 5). 


Payment Receipt Automation

This new automation, if enabled, will email payment receipts for all transactions processed through your Hive and includes all payment methods, such as cash, checks, ACH, and credit cards. You can learn more about this in the Automations: Payment Receipt support article. 


User Payment History

If enabled, this new report will display the payment history for a user/member directly in their online account. You can learn more about this in the User Payment History support article. 



Below are the "big" ticket updates we'll be working on next, or have already started building out:

  • General Attendance/Class History Export: new option that will allow admins to export general attendance/class history report directly from the user profile. Additionally, users/members will be able to view and export this from their profile as well (currently in development). 

  • Family/Sub Accounts: set up memberships for multiple users under a single primary account (currently in development). 

  • Availability/Service-based Scheduling: instead of setting individual class times, you'll have the option to set up time blocks that will automatically update availability once a session has been booked. This will be great for personal training availability, as well as services such as body comp testing, hot/cold therapy, massage, etc. 

  • Multi-payment Methods: ability to store more than 1 payment method to a user's profile. 

  • Calendar integrations: connect the schedule in your Hive to iCal (Apple) and Google calendars. 


We truly appreciate your feedback and suggestions as we continue to improve our platform. If you have any feature requests of your own, please feel free to submit them in the Feature Request portal. You can also reach out to if you have additional questions on any of the new updates or features. As always, thanks for being a part of the FitHive Family!