FitHive Feature Update - 5/1/2023

Apr 27, 2023

 by Donny J.

This support blog will highlight the existing features that have been updated on this round of FitHive updates. 


Credit/Debit Card Removal

Users with admin access to your Hive now have the ability to remove credit/debit card info from a member/user profile. You can check out the Credit/Debit Card Removal support article to learn how. 


Programs - Workout History

When/if a member restarts a workout program, their previous workout history will be saved and new records will be created when they complete the workouts again. Prior to this change, the workout records would update to the most recent info submitted instead of creating new records. You can view these records by going to Fitness >> Manage Programs >> click the Enrolled Users icon on the applicable program >> then click the Workout History icon for the applicable user. 


Contact Forms

Prior to this update, contact form submissions would be saved as a note to the user's profile. Now, contact form submissions will be saved in the Contact Forms section of the Forms tab in a user's profile, which will include page the contact form was on. To access this, go to People (CRM) >> View Everyone >> search for and select the applicable user >> click the Forms tab, then you'll see the new Contact Forms section. 

Classes Available

This update will move classes that have been deactivated to the end of the active class list in Settings >> Classes Available. Additionally, deactivated classes will also become semi-transparent as a quick reference. 

Text Message Tokens

We've added two new text message tokens to the Token Reference in drip campaigns, which are Site Url (@@site_url@@) and Organization Name (@@organization_name). As a reminder, tokens that have been added to a text message will auto-populate the correspoding info once it is sent to a recipient. For example, the @@site_url@@ token will auto-fill with your website url once the text is sent. 

User Import

We've added the option to include account status (Active/Inactive) in user imports. This will give you the ability to bulk update account statuses instead of having to update each profile individually. You can learn more about User Imports HERE


Add/Edit Memberships

We've added a new search bar to Memberships >> Add/Edit Membership Types, which will save time when searching for a specific membership type, especially for those of you have that a significant amount of them. 



Below are the "big" ticket updates we'll be working on next, or have already started building out:

- Family/Sub Accounts: set up memberships for multiple users under a single primary account (currently in development). 

- Availability/Service-based Scheduling: instead of setting individual class times, you'll have the option to set up time blocks that will automatically update availability once a session has been booked. This will be great for personal training availability, as well as services such as body comp testing, hot/cold therapy, massage, etc. 

- Multi-payment Methods: ability to store more than 1 payment method to a user's profile. 

- Calendar integrations: connect the schedule in your Hive to iCal (Apple) and Google calendars. 


We truly appreciate your feedback and suggestions as we continue to improve our platform. If you have any feature requests of your own, please feel free to submit them in the Feature Request portal. You can also reach out to if you have additional questions on any of the new updates or features. As always, thanks for being a part of the FitHive Family!