Advantages of a 24/7 Gym Access System

Jan 18, 2023

 by Sunny S.

Whether you offer 24/7 access to your gym, or if you’re weighing the benefits of implementing that feature, it’s essential to have a 24/7 door access control system that you can trust.

Having 24-hour gym access enables your members to work out any time of the day by swiping an access control key fob at the door to gain access to the facility. Having a system for reliable access control gives your gym a competitive advantage! 

FitHive is set up to allow your gym to offer 24-Hour access to your members. We're currently integrated with a strategic partner so that you’ll have seamless integration for effectiveness and efficiency. 

An access control system is beneficial to your business because it allows you to keep your doors open for longer, reducing needless administrative work and decreasing staffing hours and costs. As well, it offers more control over who can access your gym and when. 

The benefits of utilizing a 24/7 gym access control system:

Giving members 24/7 access. The most obvious advantage of 24/7 access control is giving your members the convenience of being able to out at times that fits their lifestyle and schedule. By giving members flexibility, you can increase your membership by being able to cater to many different lifestyles, schedules, and occupations that may have otherwise not been able to come only during open hours. 

Control over who gets in. You can set your own set of rules for those members who you want inside your gym. Limit access to specific areas to certain members, and lock out individuals if they are in debt to your gym or immediately when their membership ends. Once someone signs up for a membership, they’ll have immediate access so they can start as soon as they join!

Feeling of reassurance. Knowing that only members can access your facility can reassure you that you won’t have to police the gym doors. It will also free frontline staff from the front desk to work on other tasks. Our system can automatically detect non-members and alert you of a security breach. 

Reducing staff expenses and administration fees. You won’t have to schedule staff to manually sign in members as they enter; members just have to swipe their key fob which is a more reliable method of checking in. Because our FitHive 24/7 access management system is so efficient, it will reduce the amount of admin work required to run your gym. 

Benefits of Offering 24/7 Gym Access:

Increased revenue. On the business side, the biggest benefit is being to monetize your facility during off hours. Access to the facility can be an added revenue stream and an effective way to increase the Average Client Value (ACV). You also have the option to attract new members who are specifically looking for after-hour access. 

Added convenience to members. Whether they are stay-at-home moms, professionals, teachers, or entrepreneurs, may not work out during the day. Offering 24-hour access can be a great way for them to sneak a workout before the day starts, or after all their family commitments are taken care of at night. Convenience is a huge factor for people looking for a new gym.

Lower turnover rate. Although, as gym owners, we all stand behind our coaching, personal trainers, and results being what sells, let’s be practical here. Members also want value and sometimes that means gym access. If that is an offer to them, they will be less likely to eventually move to another gym. 

If you’re looking to offer your members more access to the gym, want to streamline processes, or automate systems, one of the most underrated tools you can utilize is your gym management software. Let FitHive show you how using the right all-in-one management software can give you more control over your business. Book a FitHive Demo Today!