5 Ways Busy Gym Owners Can Prioritize Their Time

Jun 8, 2022

 by Josh E.

Does this sound familiar?

You show up at the gym at 5 am. You teach a class. Chat with some members. Check your email. Unclog the toilet. Teach another class. Post to Instagram. And on, and on.

As the gym owner, you probably wear most (if not all) of the hats. Because, well, the buck stops with you. If you don't get it done, then there is a good chance it won't get done.

It can all be so overwhelming. And it can be even more so when you try to take back some of your time to work on the business instead of just in the business.

So how do you maximize your time? Without forgoing a social life, or letting your hygiene slip?


Here are the top 5 ways busy gym owners can prioritize their time


1. Create a daily/weekly/monthly task list. Create a list of the essential tasks that you have to do to run your business. Then segment these tasks between the ones that you have to do every day, the ones that are done once each week, and the monthly tasks. This allows you to focus only on the tasks that you HAVE to do and eliminates the distractions of all of the other things that can get in your way of running your gym.


2. Schedule your tasks into your calendar. Knowing that you have tasks to complete each day is great, but if you don't set aside time to complete these tasks then you may not get them done. Create appointments in your calendar and assign each task to a specific time in your day. Choose the day of the week you will complete the weekly tasks (like running payroll), and the day of the month you will complete your monthly tasks (like paying rent).


3. Create a system for every process in your gym. Every process that you used to run your gym should be documented. Whether it is your sales process, client onboarding, or payroll process, write down each task and create a step-by-step procedure for each one. Use this as a reference to train new team members, and to keep you focused on one task each day.


4. Delegate lower-level responsibilities. Some tasks don't require you to do. Identify tasks that you can train a team member to do and take them off your plate. Delegating some responsibilities will help save time for the tasks that move your business forward, such as revenue-generating tasks.


5. Hire a virtual assistant. Another great alternative to doing everything yourself is to hire a virtual assistant. VAs can do several things that can take up a lot of your time. One of the great things about VA services is that there are VAs with specialties such as bookkeeping or graphic design. Using a VA service can give you access to multiple VAs depending on the needs of your gym.

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