5 Reasons You Need a FitHive Member Portal

Mar 1, 2023

 by Sunny S.

Today, people are so busy with work, kids, family, and other obligations it’s hard to find time for the gym. So when they do get to the gym, they want to be able to get checked in quickly and have everything at their fingertips.

Your member portal can be a powerful tool to add convenience and functionality to your gym’s website. It will allow your members to interact with you online and on your mobile app to provide them with a seamless user experience.

Having a robust member portal not only boosts your gym’s engagement but it will also provides other essential benefits for you and your members:

Increase conversions. The FitHive member portal gives you and your members a host of conveniences. Prospects can sign up for memberships, set up auto-pay, and book classes and personal training sessions directly from the website or app. In this digital age, your revenue will be boosted by making it easy and convenient instead of physically visit the gym or calling for these services.

Simplify administration. Less is best when it comes to administration time and costs. With the FitHive member portal you can reduce administration duties at the facility and instead do the following online:

  • Track class attendance
  • Update member’s details
  • Set staff schedules based on new bookings
  • Go paperless! Use online wavers during the sign-up process and save on paper and space.

Boost member satisfaction. The member portal makes it quick and easy for members to see the schedule and availability of classes, personal training sessions, and other services you offer. This eliminates overcrowded classes and turns members away at the door. Members can also be updated with any changes or cancellations via SMS or email with just a click of a button.

No empty classes, reduced no-shows. Life happens. Illnesses, injuries, and other family emergencies can ruin the best plans. The member portal allows members to cancel bookings as soon as they know. This frees up slots for other members and allows staff to update in real-time so there won’t be empty classes or wasted training sessions.

Better awareness of your gym services. Allowing your members to make bookings, learn about personal training, and discover all your other services and offerings at their convenience will be in a position to make decisions that best suit them without feeling pressure on the spot at the gym.  

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