3 Problems Your Gym Management Software Should Solve

Mar 29, 2022

 by Josh E.

Running a gym requires a lot of work.  Between marketing your gym, managing your members and team, and staying on top of all the tools you need to do that, it can be exhausting.

And to add to that, many gym owners aren’t making enough each month to live, much less thrive.

As a gym owner myself, I know how hard it is to grow, manage, and retain a membership base. There were 3 key problems that I needed to find a solution for.


Problem 1: Running multiple software platforms

I used management software to manage my memberships, run payments, and schedule classes and training sessions, a customer relationship management system (CRM) for lead nurturing and marketing campaigns, and a website hosting company to manage my website.

The biggest problem was that none of the software platforms spoke to each other. When I got a lead on my website I had to manually enter them into the CRM, but when they became a member I had to again manually enter them into my management software.

This was a time-suck. I felt that there had to be a better way to get this done without it requiring me to spend so much time doing mundane tasks.


Problem 2: Marketing was confusing and never seemed to bring in enough leads

Do I run a traffic campaign or lead generation campaign? Where the hell does the pixel go? How specific should I get with my audience? Do I use a video or an image? What about the ad copy? Facebook, Google, or Yelp?

I needed a way to simplify what I was doing for digital marketing.  I didn’t know where to put ads to get the best results, much less how to optimize my campaign to maximize my leads.

This led to a lot of frustration. I felt like I was spending money every month and just lining the pockets of the tech companies without really getting the quality leads I need to keep growing my gym.


Problem 3: I wasn’t making enough money to pay myself

I was working 12-14 hour days. Coaching classes in the morning, clients in the afternoon and evening, and trying to get all the admin work done in between.

I had no time for my own workouts, I ate out all the time, and I wasn’t able to pay my own bills.

It was like playing a super fun game of “what bills do I pay this month.” To say the least, that was stressful.

I had finally realized my dream of owning a gym, only to feel like it was more a rock chained to my leg while swimming instead of the freedom-creating dream I envisioned.


I found the solution in FItHive

I happened to be on a colleague’s website one day and saw a logo for a company I had not heard of before.  I clicked on the link and found FitHive.

A quick glance at the website made me stop in my tracks. They said they were an all-in-one software solution for gym owners that does marketing, gym management, and workout and nutrition tracking.

I scheduled a demo and after seeing everything that FItHive does, I signed up.


FitHive solved my problems

FitHive has all the software systems I was using on one platform. I could host my website, build unlimited landing pages, create sales funnels, and link it to my social media campaigns.  It was a full gym management platform that replaced what I was currently using, and a complete CRM with text and email nurturing campaigns, 2-way text messaging, and a custom branded dynamic mobile web app.

Problem 1, solved.

FitHive also came with a complete marketing playbook loaded with marketing campaigns that had been tested over and over in thousands of gyms. On top of that, I could have their marketing experts run my campaigns for me. Someone who knew exactly what to do to maximize my ad spend.

Problem 2, solved.

With all of the things that FitHive did, I was able to consolidate my expenses and save a ton of money each month. By streamlining my daily efforts, I was able to make better use of my time and actually be able to get back onto a workout routine.

The best part, because I was saving money by not paying for so many different software platforms, and the improvement in marketing that came from the campaign management FitHive provides, I was able to start taking a paycheck.

Problem 3, solved!


Find out how FitHive can help solve your problems

Over 2000 gyms have signed up to save time, simplify their business, and make more money with FitHive.  Do what I did; schedule a demo and let a FitHive associate show you how they can transform your gym as they did for me.

Regain the freedom you thought you were going to have and start loving your gym again.