3 Essential Email Workflows for Effective Gym Marketing

Jan 12, 2023

 by Joe H.

Are you using your current CRM effectively for automated workflows? Does your current system offer automation and lead nurturing tools to turn those prospects into paying members? When you write successful, high-quality email campaigns to improve the flow of leads and engagement, it improves the relevancy of your marketing, it’s timely and it’s targeted for the right audience. 

An email workflow, or drip campaign, is a group of automated emails that are sent or “dripped” to your leads. Workflows allow you to activate specific messages and actions based on what type of leads they currently are. 

By streamlining your funnels and workflows, you aren’t only giving your prospects and members personal and engaging information that they’ll appreciate, and you are also saving yourself time and money by automating the process. This means that every time you add new leads and/or members, they will automatically benefit from your email sequences… without you having to lift a finger!

There are 3 must-have email workflows that as a gym owner, you should be utilizing and have automated to be efficient and cost-effective. 

The three email marketing workflows you should be utilizing are:

  • New Member Welcome or Onboarding
  • The Trial Follow-up
  • Lead Nurture Sequence

New Members Onboarding. The first 30 days of a new membership are essential for retention. With an onboarding email workflow, you can motivate your members to start, know the culture of the gym, how to sign up for classes, policies for cancellation, highlight your amenities, promote personal training, and more. 

Trial Follow-up. If you offer a free trial, a free class, or a free week, be sure to keep in close contact with them if they haven’t come in yet. An email sequence to motivate and educate them on your gym's benefits will help get them in the door. 

Buyer Lead Nurture Sequence. As your list of prospects grows, email them regularly with a solidly written lead nurture campaign. Leads that are interested but may not be ready yet to join can benefit from educational, inspiring, engaging content that empowers them to see them achieving their fitness goals at your gym. 

Adding an automated email workflow with high-quality, relevant content will build trust in you and your gym community and move them closer to membership. Show them how your fitness center can help them on their journey and can be accommodating to their unique challenges.

Don’t spend time writing emails just to have them end up in spam folders. At FitHive, we can show you how to write engaging email campaigns that will increase your membership and revenue and save time with straightforward automation. 

Not only do we have Virtual Assistants who can custom-write branded emails for you, but our teams of virtual assistants can also create and set up the funnels and workflows for you. 

One clear advantage of FitHive over other CRMs is that you can make unlimited funnels and workflows. Our drip campaigns allow leads to make an appointment instantly on your website. That means no back-and-forth emailing, and no missed calls. You can build a relationship and initiate membership in person. 

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