3 Easy Ways To Generate 5-Star Reviews and Why It’s Important

Sep 16, 2022

 by Joe H.

Most businesses understand the value of having good reviews. But surprisingly enough, many don’t put a priority on getting reviews and have a process in place to consistently have them coming in. A recent study showed that 72% of customers say they use google reviews to find businesses. So if you have a solid amount of positive reviews are you good to go? The same study showed that 83% of customers say reviews must be relevant and recent to be trustworthy. Lastly, it was overwhelming that the star rating mattered more to consumers than the number of reviews. Here are three easy steps to have a plan to consistently generate 5-star reviews. Let’s dive in. 



The first one may seem obvious but a lot of gyms aren’t doing it. Anytime a person gives you a compliment in person, over a text, or by email, thank them and send them a link to your Google and Facebook review pages and ask them if they wouldn’t mind sharing it there as well. 72% of people asked to leave a review will do so. 



The next one is to add it to your new member email nurture sequence. After their first week of classes or on day 30 of them joining your gym,  email them with the quick links to give reviews on all the platforms you have. A FitHive gym Graham Strength & Condition implemented this and layers it with a donation of $5 to a local charity when they screenshot the review to verify. They have 36 5-star Facebook reviews and 56 - 5 star google reviews. 



The last way we suggest is a Gym Bingo Card that has a bingo square for leaving a review. Gym Bingo is a great move for so many reasons including, retention, new member acquisition, and building your 5-star reviews. 

To learn more about how to run Gym Bingo at your gym and download a free Gym Bingo card template, visit FitHive Resources