3 Easy Tips To Convert More Website Leads To Paying Members

Jan 9, 2024

 by Sunny S.

After working with over 2000 gyms in the last 8 years, and seeing 10’s of thousands of text messages and email responses, one of the biggest opportunities I see is honing in on the skill of lead nurture. I’m going to give you a few tips that you can implement today that will dramatically increase your responses, show-ups, and ultimately lead to more members. 


We often talk about needing to get better at sales, but before we can sell someone we have to generate enough interest to get them on the phone or into your facility. 


Let's look at this scenario, someone lands on your website, fills out a pricing request lead form, you get the notification that you have a new lead, and you just respond with the price of your services…


I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen people do this. You might as well put the price on your website if that’s the response you’re going to give. 


In our eyes, a lead capture is intended to get someone's information so you can start building a relationship with them, build rapport, make a friend, explain the value of your service, and then sign them up. 


Most people just skip a few steps and go right for the kill. DON’T SKIP THE FOREPLAY! 


I’ve seen way too often the first thing they say to a prospect is “What are your fitness goals?” Now, this might seem like the right question to ask but imagine being in a coffee shop or standing next to someone in an elevator, you’re wearing your gym t-shirt and they ask you “Is that your gym?”…Highly unlikely you’d say “Yes, we’re $160 per month, what are your fitness goals?” They’d most likely give you a crazy look and walk away. My guess is you’d probably ask them a few more questions before getting into what their fitness goals are…


Tip 1: 


Here’s what I like to do when sending out messages to people…picture you’re standing in front of that person, then say what you were going to say out loud…for some reason hearing it makes it way different. But not only that, picture yourself actually standing in front of them, would you say what you’re about to type to them? 


Tip 2: 


Remember back to when you first met one of your best friends or your spouse, and how that relationship was created… do you remember how you nurtured it, and how long did that take? We expect people to buy from us, refer their friends and family to us, and be friends with us but we’re not doing any of the things it takes to build an actual friendship with them. Don’t rush your first impression. 

Tip 3: 


Try and ask at least a handful of questions about them before you ask what their fitness goals are…Here are a few examples

  • Hey Sarah this is Sunny, from Gym 123, I just got the form you filled out on my website, it looks like you’re looking for pricing for personal training. Is that right? Do I have the right person? Thanks! 
  • Hey, real quick, how did you hear about us? 
  • Have you ever been to my gym before or seen it? 
  • What side of town do you live? 
  • How long have you been in town? 
  • Do you currently workout at a gym? 
  • Have you ever done interval training before? 
  • What prompted you to fill out the form on the website? 


Test out a few non-invasive questions to get the momentum started, be unique, and be different than the robot sending automated messages like everyone else in town. 


I’ll wrap this up with one of my favorite quotes “Win the relationship, even if you don’t win the sale” I guarantee if you practice acting like you’re talking to that person face to face, your responses will go through the roof. 


Also! Don’t forget to throw in a few smiley faces and emojis :)