The Three Pillars of Running a Gym

Oct 17, 2018

 by Michael K.

Put these three things together and configure your gym to run successfully for years to come:

  1. Marketing and Lead Gen (Gymbuildr)
  2. Organization and Optimization (FitHive's Core Features including Memberships/Schedule/Users/etc.)
  3. Retention and Capitalization (FiveHive's Mobile App with Custom Built Features, AddOn Sales, and Features brought over from Gymbuildr)

If a gym owner can:

1) Run challenges that funnel into an automated funnel then they're good.

2) Get those automations so get a user to sign themselves up for a monthly membership then they're great

3) Have those Users start scheduling and attending class in the app without the gym owner lifting a finger, then they're ready. 

4) When that user starts buying Addons in their new app, then it's over.