Just Ask for New Leads and Members!

Oct 19, 2018

 by Michael K.

This gym owner needs new leads and he has now been told by business coaches that he has to be active on social media to get new business. 

He asked Mark Norton how to get new leads.

Mark knew the guy had been training for years and had a BIG DATABASE of people who he's trained for decades. 

Mark insisted that he start contacting them by text (One Per Day).


First day, Mark reminded the guy, he sent the text, guy signed up.

Second day, Mark reminded the guy, he got a referral!

Third day is today and Mark reminded the guy, he replied that he's on the shitter and he'll do it afterwards.  He just repleid that he sent the text.  


We don't know if he got a third guy yet but we'll find out soon!

Get the point?