FitHive: The Only All-In-One Software Platform for the Wellness Industry

Oct 17, 2018

 by Michael K.

A lot of the demos our sales team has been presenting recently have led us to the conclusion that there is no real "All-In-One" solution out there.

At first, everyone we talk to thinks that we'll be replacing Mindbody or ZenPlanner or Wodify or Pike13, etc.

At second look, they realize we're also replacing Fitbot, Evolution Nutrition, MyFitnessPal and all of their training/nutrition apps.

By the time the call is over, they will also have realized that no other platform actually helps them really generate sales and new leads. 

They also come to realize that we are, a product that has been successfully used alongside Mindbody/ZenPlanner/Wodify etc. for years.

FitHive doesn't just include business management software, it also includes marketing and lead gen software on the head of the business, and retention/capitalization tools on the tail end as well.


So, in conclusion:

FitHive = The Best of Mindbody + The Best of Fitbot + The Best of Gymbuildr 

to create the first true "All-In-One" software in the industry.


(P.S. Did we mention 24/7 Security coming in early 2019!)